Langley’s work has always been about pattern and colour.


The way in which these two aspects influence perspective and how this affects the way ones eye travels around an image. By recreating the same image using different colour combinations he exaggerates this.


The works are all drawn from memory, as Langley is interested in how memory effects how you retrieve an image and what then becomes important in how you have represented that memory, a filtering process as it were. Sitting somewhere almost between a dream and reality. A different “seeing” as memory is rarely accurate at anytime.


The drawings are reflections on how the patterns of what we see can be shown in a heightened manner. A drilling down as it were, to represent the exaggerated patterns that exist in nature and the man made world.


Many years of working with glass have influenced his aesthetic. The flat print finish that he achieves is a direct result of his desire to replicate the strong flawless colour that is attainable in glass.


Each image becomes a one off print. An image however can sometimes be repeated with a totally different colour combination.

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